German Yo-Yo Masters 2009
by Jumper 06.10.2009

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On Friday evening all players arrived at the meeting point. It was a big gym, with enough space to play for everybody. After a very short night all the players were heading to the “modell-hobby-spiel” toy fair. At the fairground the stage was set up in the center of a huge glass hall. An excellent place, a lot of visitors of the fair stopped and watched the freestyles. At that weekend the fair was visited by 98.000 people.

German Yo-Yo Masters 2009 - Kojo Boison

The first part was the compulsory show, were the players showed very entertaining routines. This compulsory part proofs that players are also showmen and not only boring “trick machines”. The compulsory show is always one of the things you will remember even years later. After that, the compulsory tricks were tested by the judges (Joe Greve, Markus „Jumper“ Springer,  Marek Grummt, Flizzy and Markus Wagner) in the players area.
In the afternoon the newcomers showed their two minutes routine in the “Sports Class”. The winner was Felix Rassbach. Then the Team Space Invaders beamed up and took the first national title in the Team freestyle back to their planet.

German Yo-Yo Masters 2009 - Space Invaders

On Sunday the finals began with AA and presenter Eric „UFO“ Bergmann was warming up the audience. Dave Geigle won the category without any real challenge. In the 5A freestyles former 1A National winner from 2003 Jan Marhauser was nailing awesome tricks and was crowned the new 5A champion. In 1A the finals where excellent and very intense. In the international category Vashek Kroutil was setting a mark for the upcoming European Yo-Yo Championship in Prague, leaving the other players from Germany, France, Czech and Switzerland behind. With fast and hard tricks Kojo Boison from Freiburg won the German National title in 1A. So he stepped up from his second place last year to the top.
Congratulations to all winners!

German Yo-Yo Masters 2009

HUGE THANKS to the Sponsors!!! They really make this event possible. 

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Report by Markus „Jumper“ Springer!