The wave by Jumper


Real Name Markus Springer
Hometown Markdorf
Homeland Germany
Date began Yoing 1996
Favorite Yo-Yo´s Oxygène Ozone, Henrys M2, Raider
Favorite Trick Side Behind Brain Twister, Suicide
Hobbies SweetyK, Yo-Yo, Diabolo, Juggling, Dice Stacking
Placements 2. semi-final Ravensburg 1998
26. German YoYo Masters 1998

2. Compulsorys City Champ Münster
6. Freestyle City Champ Münster

80. Bandai World Ranking 1999 

29. German YoYo Masters 1999

7. German YoYo Masters 2000

10. Onehanded Freestyle Y3A2K&1
Alan Amaral Award 2001

1. Championnat de France de YoYo 2002 Division Innovative
2. Championnat de France de YoYo 2002 Division Master
Greatest Showmanship 2002

1. German Masters 2005 Team 

4. Championnat de France de YoYo 2012

Loop record Too lazy to count it !
Sleeping Records Pyro: 4,03min [243sec.] (back to hand) 
Pyro: 9,01min (till extinction)
Number of Yo-Yos in possesion 500+