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Yo-Yo Reviews: Henrys Viper Neo XL
The Viper Neo XL is an offstring (4A) yo-yo made by Henrys. It is available since July 2010.
With a diameter of 80mm it is a huge yo-yo. Just XL
. Only the YoYoJam BigYo is bigger with a diameter of 96mm. (Compared with a hspin The Cut 39,9mm and Henrys Viper Neo 66mm)

Henrys Viper Neo XL Yo-Yo comparison - yoyo review and test

So with this size, the yo-yo weighs 110 Gramm, which is OK for this offstring yo-yo.
The center parts are the same as of the normal Viper Neo. The response system are silicon pads. The hub is eloxated in silver. The bearing is already cleaned and contains no oil. It is available in the colors red, yellow, blue, green, orange and ice (Semi transparent). The yo-yo is free of lead and contains no PVC and plasticizer.

For the play behavior: The Viper Neo XL lies very catchy in the hand, here you really have something to hold on to. High tosses, catching and whipping is no problem, because it is hard to miss. Bouncing tricks on the ground are also easy to master. But if you want to do small string tricks at offstring, then you better should grab the smaller Viper Neo. The XL sometimes catches also a second string. For regeneration tricks the response should be tuned a bit, otherwise there is to less friction. A very little drop of oil can help here.
The XL is also an excellent teamplayer. The size minimizes the risk during passing. The team partner can catch the yo-yo easily and throw it back. Also passing with more people and/or yo-yos can be done very well.

Henrys Viper Neo XL Yo-Yo Review - Testbericht

For the price with about 45€ you can get a very high quality yo-yo, which was designed for offstring play. The shells are made of the same excellent material as Henrys also uses for their diabolos. So a long durability can be expected. For offstring beginners, the size is very helpful, because it is easier to catch.
Besides offstring play, this yo-yo can also be given some stage time as a 1A yo-yo. Especially with a bigger audience, also people in the back row can see it.

By Markus „Jumper“ Springer!