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Yo-Yo Reviews: Oxygène Ozone
Carlo from Oxygène Yo-Yos made a fresh yo-yo. The newest creation of the Italian high-tech yo-yo maker near Venice is the Ozone.

The Ozone shines bright with the following data:
The halves are made of aluminum, steel axle and the hubs are titanium!
Diameter: 58 mm
Width: 44,2 mm
Weight: 70 gram
Bearing: Concave size 6 x 13 x 5
Response system: Recessed silicone

Oxygene Ozone Test Review

The Ozone is different compared to the existing Oxygène yo-yos. The gap is now fixed. For those players who still want to play an Oxygène yo-yo with an adjustable gap, should pick up an Oxy 5. The Ozone is a development which came from ideas of the Oxy Team. The requirements at contests for stability and speed are totally implemented in this yo-yo.

Oxygene Ozone Yo-Yo Test

Play behavior:
Proper 70 gram weight, very good distributed are taking care of an extreme long sleeper. At some combos you question yourself how long you already play. The surface is good for grinds. Thumbgrinds are also easy to play, due to the recess in the halves.
The silicone response brings the Ozone back exactly when the players wants to.

Oxygene Ozone Inside View YoYo Tests

Carlo delivers another masterpiece with the Ozone. The workmanship is very noble and also the play behavior has no room for more wishes. The exact price is not out yet, it should be a little cheaper than the existing Oxys. In the first run 200 pieces are made. With this limited number of yo-yos, collectors all around the world will jump at the chance to get one. On the other hand, the home of the Ozone is on contest stages, not only in a showcase.
It is delivered in a little pouch with Oxygène imprint. In total, the Ozone a crystal clear recommendation to buy!

The release will be in June 2011, at the same time with the Oxy Ti 2011. That one is made completely out of titanium and can only be purchased at the Oxy homepage.
The Ozone can be bought at several dealers.

More pictures of the Ozone can be found in the Gallery.

By Markus „Jumper“ Springer!