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Yo-Yo DVD Reviews: Kid-YoYo
The new DVD Kid-YoYo (How to learn YoYo) by Blim Productions is the fourth DVD of the Kid series.
Until now there have been released Kid-Jo (Learn to Juggle), Kid-Poi (Learn Poi Swinging) and Kid-Diabolo (How to learn Diabolo). All of them offer high quality video tutorials.

DVD Kid YoYo Review by Blim Productions - Test article

Now there is a new yo-yo learning DVD on the market. It comes in six languages: English, German, French, Dutch, Spanish and Italian. The disc contains a yo-yo tutorial with a runtime of 40 minutes and a freestyle clip (Filmed at the GYYA Yo-Yo Camp 2010 in Oberhausen and in Berlin). And on top there are previews for the other Kid DVDs included.

The yo-yo players Jessica Noll, Joe Greve and Emil Lamprecht are showing the tricks in front of a stylish infinite white background to the viewer. The editing is very good and all tricks are described in detail.

The tutorial starts with the basics (shorten string, attach to the finger). Then easy basic tricks like sleeper, break away and forward pass are following. Next various string- and loop tricks are being described. In between the trick sections, you get certain information in „Tid Bits“ about yo-yo shapes, string tension and how to wind up a yo-yo in different ways. It is also very helpful, that the most common yo-yo trick mistakes are explained.

The production was sponsored by Henrys and Save Deth.

A very very good DVD for beginners. But also advanced and pro yo-yo players will enjoy it and the disc is a must-have for the own DVD collection. The three pleasant performers convey the yo-yo play with lots of fun. The price of 15 € is totally worth it. This piece is very fun and entertaining and I hope a second part with more tricks is coming soon.

Kid YoYo Learn to YoYo - Yo-Yo Tutorial DVD

By Markus „Jumper“ Springer!