Yoing in Kenya
Report by James W. Heatherly

Seasons Greetings Yoers,

This past year was an exiting one, as I traveled to Kenya, Africa on a four month missions trip. Since one of our goals was to help children, both the homeless, and less fortunate, Micah Tillett (age 10) and I carried 280 yo-yos with us in an attempt to bring yoing to Kenya, as well as the Gospel of our Lord and Saviour. We would demonstrate the yo-yo and integrate the Gospel into our demos!

All around the World !

There were many times that we would have as many as 30-60 children just watching us practise! The yo-yos were donated to us through Bill Mahan, who is the president of the Bluegrass yo-yo club here in Lexington, Ky (USA). We were also given a very charitable donation of 1000 yo-yo strings by the president of Supersling, makers of top quality yo-yo strings. Their generous donations, combined with members of the Team Yo-Yo Maniacs (, helped us bring smiles to alot of little faces, both in Naivasha and Nairobi, Kenya.

Most of the boys and girls had never seen a yo-yo before, so our tricks were kept as simple as possible. But little kids are fast learners, and by the time we were through with the demos and ready to move on, they had already gotten the hang of the throw-down, and rock-the-cradle!


We gave away almost 100 yo-yos before I left, and the remaining yo-yos were left to my trusty companion Micah to continue where we left off. You can e-mail him at for the scoop on what's going on there now!

God bless you and keep you yoin',
James W. Heatherly