Tips and Mods
Raider Mod by UFO

After many questions UFO decided to publish his raider mod that he used at the GM 2001. Actually it is completely simple.

The stuff you need for 1 Raider à la UFO:

1 Yomega Raider
1 Turbo Disc by Tom Kuhn
1 Duncan Freehand Friction Pad
2 RPM-Spacer


This are the RPM spacers. RPM is the abbreviation for Raider Performance Measurement by Yomega. The spacers are a little bit thinner than normal Raider spacers.
RPM Spacer
First you open the Raider and insert the interior life (in this case the ball bearing and the spacers) in at least 70% alcohol (you get it in the pharmacy), in order to clean it from fat, oil and impurities.

Perhaps you have to help with a Q-Tip.
Oh, under 16 do not do it without the supervision of adults. 

Clean now thoroughly the insides of the Raider sidecaps with a Q-Tip that was soaked in alcohol. 

Sidecap with Turbo Disc
Put the RPM spacer and the ball bearing (for centering assistance) into the sidecap in which the axle is. Now it should be no problem to stick the turbo disc over the starburst of the sidecap. 
Stick the friction pad on the other sidecap over the starburst and insert the spacer. Screw the yo-yo together and overtighten it carefully!
Sidecap with Friction Pad
Now it is already finished, your loop yo-yo with sleeper.
UFOs thinks it is one of the best, there is a good response and still a beautiful sleeper. But you should also be warned: This mod is not suitable for AA beginners (you should be already able to loop very well).  

In addition to say: This mod is quite expensive, cause when you play intensive you need a lot of pads.

Have fun with it!!