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Raider Mod by Masahiro

TYM is proud to publish this mod with the friendly permission of Masahiro Tanikawa and Infinite Illusions
It is a Raider mod for looping and it gives the yo-yo more sleeptime, which is needed e.g. for wraps.
This particular Looping Raider mod cannot be undone, and can destroy your yo-yo if it is done incorrectly. The modifier must take responsibility for this mod before undertaking it. Parents should supervise children undertaking this mod.

The stuff you need for 1 Masahiro Raider:

1 Yomega Raider
1 metal spacer
2 plastic spacers

Alcohol or lighter fluid

Take out the ball bearing and place it in a small amount of lighter fluid so that it completely covers the ball bearing. Leave the bearing for 3 minutes in the fluid and then take it out.
ball bearing in lighter fluid
ball bearing in lighter fluid
Make sure to dry the bearing completely before putting it into the yo-yo.
This makes the yo-yo to sleep longer, but makes the bearing wear out faster
plastic spacer
Put the two plastic spacers and the ball bearing back into the yo-yo. 
First one plastic spacer
plastic spacer
Then the ball bearing and again one plastic spacer.
plastic spacer and ball bearing
Put one metallic Raider or RB2 spacer on the axle on one side of the yo-yo.
The order should be as follows:
The yo-yo half with the axle sticking out of it, a plastic spacer, the bearing, a plastic spacer, the metal spacer.
Please note: The plastic spacers should have their cup sides (the sides with the depression in them) facing the bearing, just like in "normal" yo-yo assembly.
plastic spacer, ball bearing, plastic spacer and metal spacer
Place the other half of the yo-yo (the one without the axle
sticking out) onto the axle and screw it on.
screw it together
Close the yo-yo completely, but gently.
Close the yo-yo completely, but gently!
twist the yo-yo
Then twist the yo-yo an additional half turn from this point (this crushes the plastic spacers a little and gives the yo-yo a wider gap, which causes less friction on the string so it sleeps longer). Do not crush the plastic spacers more than one half turn!
lube the yo-yo
Take out the metallic spacer. You will not be using it on this yo-yo for anything else in the project. Retum it to the yo-yo you borrowed it from. If desired, put small amount of your favorite lube between the bearing and the plastic spacers, and between the spacers and the body of the yo-yo. Avoid getting any lube on the string or on the face of the bearing that comes in contact with the string. Carefully tighten the yo-yo until the yo-yo feels comfortable for looping.

(c)2002 Infinite Illusions ( and Masahiro Tanikawa!