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Lightstick Mod

Here it is: A fine lightmod for the Patriot / Matrixx. Invented by TYM at the EJC 2002 in Bremen. It looks best with a white Patriot or clear Matrixx. Of course you can also try it with other yo-yos!
Patriot Lightstick Mod - Pink!

Oh, and here or on YouTube is a video that shows the mod in action!

For the mod you need:

1 YoYoJam Patriot
2-4 Lightsticks

1 swiss knife or 1 suction cup

First take out the pogs. Use a swiss knife (it is better for your fingers) to push on to one side of the pog. Then it pops out. Or you can use a suction cup, which is better for the pogs.
Take out the pog
You also can use your thumb, which is better for the patriot, but it hurts more.
Take out the pog
Then take the lightsticks and activate them. You can buy them in different colors in fishing- or ravershops. 1 lightstick
Then place 1 or 2 lightsticks in each halve of the yo-yo. 2 lightsticks
Now place the pog in the yo-yo and the mod is finished. And also your patriot is now a bit heavier.

Have fun with it in the dark!

Matrixx clear with TYM Lightstick Mod - Klick to download Video

Now some colortips: It shines very bright if you use 2 lightsticks in each side. The best colors are: green and yellow are the brightest, pink and blue look cool and red is not very good, cause it is too dark.
You also can mix up colors, like one blue and one pink lightstick in one halve.
Matrixx clear with TYM Lightstick Mod

Blue - 1 lightstick Blue Patriot at EJC 2002
Pink - 2 lightsticks Pink Patriot at EJC 2002
Green - 2 lightsticks Green Patriot at EJC 2002 Bar Tent

PatriotThe Patriot!

Matrixx clear with TYM Lightstick Mod!