Tips and Mods
Hyper Warp Wing Beefcake Mod

Here is for you the HWW Beefcake Mod. This mod gives the yo-yo a longer sleeper, a wider gap and less response.

For the mod you need:

1 Yomega Hyperwarp Wing
2-4 Weightrings
2 Hyperwarp Sidecaps
1-2 Duncan Freehand friction pads
1 Raider axle
1 Raider or HWW ballbearing
1 Nut from the Hyperwarp or Hyperwarp Wing

1 little screwdriver
1 blunt needle

This is the unmodded Hyper Warp Wing (HWW):
Original HWW
Open the HWW. Use the screwdriver to unscrew the sidecaps of the yoyo.
unscrew screws
This is the opened Hyperwarp Wing.
If the sidecaps do not come out automatically, then just push them out with a blunt needle.
Take also the spacers out of the yo-yo.
take out the sidecaps
Now push the axle out of the yo-yo.
get the old axle out of the yoyo
Take the old axle out. For this mod you have no more use for it.

HWW axle

take the old axle out of the yoyo
Now screw a Hyperwarp Wing or Hyperwarp nut onto the raideraxle.
new raider axle
Now stick the raideraxle with the nut in the yo-yo halve.
Raideraxle in the HWW
The raideraxle is longer than the old axle and you can put 2 ballbearings on it.
Raideraxle in the HWW
Now place the weightrings inside the halves (you can try 1 or 2 in each half, may you like 2 or 4 rings better).
weight rings
Now screw the Hyperwarp caps on the halves. The caps of the Hyperwarp are heavier as the Hyperwarp Wing caps.
Hyperwarp sidecap
Screw the caps on.
screw the sidecaps on the halve
The halve with the new cap.
Hyperwarp sidecap
Place the spacers in the yo-yo.
place the spacer in the yoyo
Now you can stick 1 or 2 friction pads on the starburst. Just as how much response as you would like to have. stick on the friction pads
Now take the 2 ballbearings
and place them on the axle. 2 ballbearings on one axle
Then put the yo-yo normally together. New stringgap
And now your Beefcake Hyperwarp Wing is finished. A HWW with a wider stringgap, less response and more weight.
Have fun with it!
Presenting: Your new Yo-Yo!!