Tips and Mods
Hyper Warp Wing Mod

To get a  Hyper Warp Wing from Yomega thats spins longer, is heavier and with less response, try this mod.

For the mod you need:

1 Yomega  Hyperwarp Wing
4 Weightrings
1 Hyperwarp spacer
1 Duncan Freehand friction pad

1 little screwdriver

This is the unmodded Hyper Warp Wing (HWW):
Original Yomega Hyper Warp Wing (HWW)
Opened HWW
Open the HWW. Then use the screwdriver to get out the screws from the halves.
Now place the weightrings inside the halves (you can try 1 or 2 in each half, may you like 2 or 4 rings better).
HWW spacer and HW spacer
Now screw the caps back on the halves and replace one of the normal HWW spacers through a HyperWarp spacer.
Here you see a HyperWarp spacer in the Hyper Warp Wing.
HyperWarp spacer
Friction Pad
Now glue the friction pad on the starburst, and screw the yo-yo CAREFULLY together. Now your modded Hyper Warp Wing is finished!

The bigger spacer makes the gap bigger and with the friction pad you get more response.

Have fun with it!!