Tips and Mods
Freehand Mod

To get a better sleeper and less response for your Freehand, take a look at this easy mod.

For the mod you need:

1 Duncan Freehand

Your fingers

This mod for the Freehand is very easy.
At first open your Freehand.
Open Freehand
Now you see the both grey friction pads. Remove one friction pad carefully.

If still remainders stick on the side, then simply rub them off with your fingers. 

Note: If you remove both friction pads, the freehand does not return any longer to the hand!

Sidecap without FP and with a FP
Screw the Freehand together and the mod is finished. Now you have less response and many stringcombos are better to play. 

Hopefully you have not dumped the friction pad, you will need it again, after the other one is worn out. Stick it outside on the Freehand or on a foil and you have always a replacement friction pad ready.

If it is still too responsive, don´t remove both pads. You can use an old string and pull it a few times through the stringgap so that the pad looses friction. The pad on the freehandsidecap wears automatically out while playing. You can also stick a friction pad on a keybag or something like that what you have in your pocket, so that the pad wears a out bit.

2 Freehands - Ready for AAA ?!